I had a great workout today, on of my favorite HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. I was up bright and early at 4am and arrived at the gym at 4:30, before I started a workout based on blasting music and ultimately blasting myself to exhaustion, I meditated for a quick 20 minutes beforehand, which you can see on the “Meditations” page, this let me get in the right frame of mind to become fully in the moment and not have my mind distracted from the day that lay before me.

After Meditating, I hit the treadmill/elliptical for a 10 Minute Warmup which consisted of increasing the intensity every 2 minutes until 10 minutes. I started at Level 1, and at the two minute mark, I increased the intensity to 3, and so on.

The next part was the boxing workout, which is my favorite. I have an app on my phone called Interval Timer ( ) . This app works great as you can customize the time. I leave it on the default settings, which is one minute green, one minute red, for roughly 20 minutes. For each one minute interval, I go all out, then rest for a minute, and so on and so forth. I mix up the actual workout, between hitting the heavy bag and working on footwork (Jab, Jab, Hook, Slide, Jab, Jab, etc..) then rest for a minute. Proceed to jump rope for a minute, rest for a minute, do burpees for a minute, rest for a minute, back to the bag for a minute, rest for a minute, pushups and sit ups for a minute, rest for a minute, bag for a minute, rest for a minute, any variation works.

I use 14 ounce Title Boxing Gloves and hand wraps, hand wraps are a necessity or wrist can be broken on the bags.

I was gassed after the interval workout but did 10 more burpees for full measure. Felt great, and all before 6 am.

Collecting My Thoughts

Thank you for visiting my page. The tabs labeled “Categories” on the right correspond to different ideas I have tried, with the results that I felt. Everyone’s experience may be different, but I hope that there is something you can take away from this page to assist with everyday life. Whether it be a great meditation, workout, meal, idea or just a laugh, hopefully this page serves a purpose and is not a complete waste of time. It is more of a running journal of how I now operate my life.