Today’s workout is purely about developing strength. You can use all the books you want, all the programs you want, but literally, the mind/body connection is where true gains lie. A true strength workout lies in using your strength, not the weights, not the reps, just concentrating on expanding and contracting.

Pull ups (3 X 10 (or however many you can muster)

-Concentrate on slow up and downs and not reps, feel the muscle expanding and contracting going all the way up and all the way down.

Squats (Body Weight 3 X 12 or vary if not body weight)

-Concentrate on form, fully bending the knee and fully bringing yourself back up and feeling the strength in quads and butt.

Dips (3 x 10 or vary if not body weight)

-Once again, concentrate on feeling your pecs and tris and slow count down and up on dips.

Sit Ups ( 3 x 25) 

-Just do them, as you know if it wasnt on this checklist, you wouldn’t)

BURPEES (3 x 15)

-Also just do them, push up, pull legs in, jumping jack… do them for a small HIIT combined with strength to finish quick strength workout.



Workout today focused on just having fun and enjoying exercise. I am lucky enough to be a member at a gym that has a variety of workout tools including what I believe to be a giant set of monkey bars.

(Now installed at my gym)…

So I focused the workout on what I did as a kid that made me so athletic. I did the “monkey bars” on this back and forth for 10 sets. it was grueling, but focused on arm strength endurance, and grip strength, reminds me of the tough mudder monkey bars.

I then hit the basketball court and ran some suicides, hitting the foul line, three point line, half court, other three point line and other foul line and running back on each. Full sprint.. it will get you gassed, make you sweat and improve muscle… 10 sets.

Lastly, I did my “Kid mini workout” things I thought worked as a kid, do work as a kid, but you never do as an adult..

10 pushups, 10 pull ups, 50 sit ups


3 sets.

Easy looking workout, hard in practice. Hit the whole body and feel good.