Today’s workout is purely about developing strength. You can use all the books you want, all the programs you want, but literally, the mind/body connection is where true gains lie. A true strength workout lies in using your strength, not the weights, not the reps, just concentrating on expanding and contracting.

Pull ups (3 X 10 (or however many you can muster)

-Concentrate on slow up and downs and not reps, feel the muscle expanding and contracting going all the way up and all the way down.

Squats (Body Weight 3 X 12 or vary if not body weight)

-Concentrate on form, fully bending the knee and fully bringing yourself back up and feeling the strength in quads and butt.

Dips (3 x 10 or vary if not body weight)

-Once again, concentrate on feeling your pecs and tris and slow count down and up on dips.

Sit Ups ( 3 x 25) 

-Just do them, as you know if it wasnt on this checklist, you wouldn’t)

BURPEES (3 x 15)

-Also just do them, push up, pull legs in, jumping jack… do them for a small HIIT combined with strength to finish quick strength workout.


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