Due to being at a football game, I did not have much of a chance to work out that day, so I took what I could where I could.

I parked about a mile away from the stadium, so after loading up on food at the tailgate, the best thing I could do was to start burning it off with the walk.

Little trick to get more out of walking than just a stroll, concentrate on keeping your back straight and your abs tight when you walk, it adds a little kick to the walk and you mentally feel like you are working your abs.

Also, in an attempt to mix in a little HIIT, my seats are in the 300’s, I hit the stairs to go up and hit them hard, concentrating on hitting every step with quick feet and going as quick as possible, hitting every step.


Same applies for going back down the stairs and the walk back, I managed to squeeze in the recommended 10,000 steps a day, but also, since I was tightening my abs, did a little more burn for the buck.

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