Tailgating rules, outside, grilling with friends, listening to music, preparing for the game. It is also a recipe for gluttony and ruining everything you worked all week on. Here are my staple tailgate foods to keep the belly slim, the tummy full and the muscles strong (while still enjoying yourself).


-Easy, tasty, low calorie, high protein.. the main go to.

-Very simple, splash some olive oil on the shrimp, wet a skewer and put the shrimp on the skewer, season with a nice rub, I like spicy, but lemon works great on shrimp too for a Caribbean feel.

-grill about 3 minutes per side, until nice and pink instead of white.


-Asparagus. My go to is to take some cut up asparagus, put in tin foil, put some olive oil on there and season with some ginger, garlic and salt. Close the tin foil and put on the grill for about 10 minutes a side, look for the asparagus to be nice and soft, but not burnt.

-Sweet potato fries. Making your own is a hell of a lot healthier than the store bought kind. sprinkle with olive oil, salt and pepper and put in tin foil, flipping the tin foil frequently will assure that it is evenly coated and cooked through. After about 10-15 minutes, put the sweet potatoes directly on the grill to crisp them up for a nice fry alternative, in moderation.


-Takes the longest to cook and be careful with uncooked chicken for salmonella. But also high in protein, moderate calories, filling.

-I go with the rub again, spend some time in the rub/spice aisle and load up on different rubs. Olive oil and a rub saves you a lot of sodium, sugar, bad fat and calories that can be lurking in marinades and sauces.

-Put right on grill for that BBQ taste with the grill lines, cook about 8 minutes per side until nice and white in the middle, no pink.

-Aim for one large breast to keep calories low.


-High in fat and calories, so use moderation, aim for about the size of your fist for steak serving. (2 or 3 tips).

-Go with the rub again instead of sauces and marinades. Olive oil, cajun spice is great.

-Grill about 4-5 minutes a side until medium-medium rare.


-A tailgate staple that is easy to over consume, go with a health chip (read the ingredients, veggie chips are actually worse for you sometimes than regular chips

-Go with a very thick salsa, and try to load each individual chip with as much salsa as possible, this will help limit carbs and increase veggie intake. Really go for moderation here, 10 chips can load you up with salsa and cut you off around 100-200 calories.


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