Body weight exercises are awesome, you can do them anywhere, and as you lose weight and gain muscle, the weight seems easier, kind of a cool phenomenon. Pull ups are my favorite, a lot of people can not even do one real pull up (palms facing away, not the easier palms facing you pull up), all the way down, all the way up, in a slow contracted muscle motion instead of this fast up and down rocking motion.

WORKOUT: Pullups, push ups, squats, sit ups, dips, lunges, box jumps


3 sets of pull ups until exhaustion. My first set I did 10 great ones, a personal best (recently), the next set I did 5, but then added the assisted pull up trainer to do another 5, and the third set I did another 5, but then pumped out 10 more with the weighted assist resting the knees on weight assistance.

No excuse not to do these, if you dont have something to hang on to, buy this to put on any door. (the only detriment is that at the gym, they have that assistance, but you could just as easily have someone grab your legs and push you up.)

(Goal: 3 Sets if Pullups, however you can get them done, but at least 10, until exhaustion)


Pushups are also a great go to, the pull ups will work the back, arms and lats, the pushup will switch you over to the front. Pecs and Tris to take a beating. Started with 20 perfect pushups, (Back straight, hands a little wider than shoulder width apart, chin touches floor each time, arms shoulder with apart). Rested one minute and switched to wide push ups, spreading my arms out about 10 inches on each side away from my pec and squeezed out another 20. Pecs are pretty big, strong muscles, so I felt like I could do more, but put some in the reserve for the close grip push up. Close grip pushup, I did another 20, with my arms directly under me and my hands forming a triangle between my two thumbs and index fingers. That will wipe you out, but great arm and pec workout.

(Goal: 60 Pushups, in a variety of push up form)


Squats are the “no fun” exercise. People don’t like them because no one looks at your leg muscles, unless they are phenomenal. Great Quads, Glutes, and hamstrings are essential for athletic performance, and of course, weight loss. There is so much muscle packed into your butt and legs, it is the most muscularly dense part of your body. We all know that the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn, so why not target that large muscle mass and add on more muscle to make the fat burning larger in your body.

I went for another 60 of these, 3 sets of 20 with a minute rest. The goal here is form, nothing is worse than large muscles that do not function correctly. I use a wall in front of me (not behind) for assistance. Standing in front of the wall, keeping my back straight, I put my hands gently on the wall (not for support, just for guidance). I then lower my body/butt and keep my back straight until my butt start sinking below my knees. I have always been told “When you feel your knees unlock”.. The goal is to get your butt as close to the ground as possible, without bending your back. A lot of people do squats, go down a little, then up, with huge weight. I would rather do less weight and bring my knees below that 90 degree threshold. Work the whole body, but really get that butt, glutes and quads. Use the wall to keep balance, but keep back straight and drop it low).

(Goal: 3 sets of 20 squats)

Sit Ups

A lot of people claim sit ups give you abs, from personal experience, at one point I could do more sit ups than anyone I knew, and still did not have abs. I think squats will give you more abs than sit ups as that butt muscle will give you more fat burning. Sit ups, going back to basics, are all about form. I could do 1,000 quick and junky, or I could do 100 concentrating on what the goal is here. (I opt for 100, now)… A little different, I do 4 sets here, as 100 does not divide equally by 3.  4 sets of 25, pretend there is an orange between your chin and your neck to keep your back straight, and try to ultimately eliminate rest period.

(Goal: 4 sets of 25 situps)


Want to bench more? Dip.. the push up over emphasized. Let yourself down until your triceps and arms are 90 degrees or less, than push yourself up. You want a stronger bench, bigger pecs, bigger tris, dip..  It is basically like the tricep weighted pushdown and bench in one exercise, which creates a great set up.

Always break that 90 degree arm ratio and lower yourself as much as possible.

(Goal: 3 sets of 12 (Add weight if you can do weighted dips)


Besides squat, also a least favorite. But, if you work the form of a squat, could be the most beneficial and functional muscle exercise for flexibility and muscle mass. Goal here is 3 sets of 20 lunges (10 for each leg). You can do these anywhere, lawn, living room ,etc.. add weight for extra benefit.

Take a step, with back perfectly straight, dropping knee to ground in perfect conformity, raise up, there is one. Now do 20, (10 for each leg).. once again, the largest muscle mass, which means the more you grow it, the more you burn elsewhere.

(Goal: 3 sets of 20 (10 per leg)… body weight, add weight if too easy, work on form, back straight.

Box Jumps

Sounds like just for fun, but if done right, incredibly beneficial. Take a box (I luckily have a gym with a bunch of different sizes, I can go about 4 feet.) Stand directly next to the box, and do ONE jump directly to the top of the box, and jump back down.

Think about body stretching and jump knowing you are going to land and extend.

(Goal: 3 sets of 10 jumps, but good jumps).







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