Started the gym bright and early at 4:30 with a 20 minute meditation, which is located in the blog. Proceeded to hit the Technogym Vario. I like this machine alot compared to both a treadmill and elliptical. It allows free motion of strides, you can lengthen your stride or almost turn it into a step machine. Low impact and can really push your strength if you up the levels. I tried a HIIT workout I made up that consisted of 5 minutes at level 1, 5 minutes at level 5, 5 minutes at level 10 and 5 minutes at level 15. When I hit fifteen the sweat started to pour and I could feel my leg muscles working hard, it essentially was like running a big hill that increased in slope as you went up it. Low slope in the beginning with longer strides, steep slope at the end which almost felt like climbing up a hill. It reminded me of the Tough Mudder at Mount Snow, where one of the hills was so steep, you couldnt really run straight up, you almost had to climb on all floors.

Good workout, needed the low impact and easier day as I am actually still sore from squats on Monday. Helped release some lactic acid and start the day.

Rode the bike too and from the Gym to add a little extra something to the morning workout. Here is a description of the machine, its pretty expensive to buy for the home.

Adaptive Motion Trainers

Precor Adaptive Motion TrainerAdaptive motion trainers are a fairly new type of exercise technology. Two of the original brands are the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer and the Technogym Vario.

Adaptive motion trainers represent the evolution of cardio machines and a huge step up from elliptical and arc trainers due to the freedom of movement.

As the name suggests, adaptive motion trainers adapt the motion of the exercise to your movements. Rather than traveling in a same motion such as an ellipse, you are free to move whichever way you like.

While there is some limitation, you can perform movements ranging from stepping up and down, to short-stride rowing, to long-strike running and elliptical-like motions.

All this freedom comes with a price, as these types of the best cardio machines are very expensive and the price is unlikely to come down until there is more competition.

Exercise Tips: Get the most out of the adaptive motion trainer by varying the types of strides you take. Since you can perform different types of motions, and you have control over how long you perform them, use the timers on the machines programs to avoid performing too much of a single motion. This will encourage a more balanced workout.

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