Here are some minor tricks I use to tone up, following these simple hacks, will make being healthier easier.

1.) Avoid “White” Food (With the exception of Cauliflower).

Breads, pastas, fries, chips, you see where I am going. Simply eliminating white foods, carbs go down, sugar goes down and health goes up. White starchy food is also sometimes bleached, adding more detriment to its health. Simple rule of thumb, if its a white food, stay away.

2.) Use portion size Tupper-ware.

This can help make sure you do not overeat, and allow you to bring food with you anywhere versus having to eat out.

3.) Box half your meal when eating out before you start eating.

Little trick to also work on portion size, restaurants will typically give you a meal that is about 2-4 servings. Ask for your entree to come out with a to go container from the start. Box half for later and enjoy the rest.

4.) Buy the “Big” water

A 16 ounce Poland Spring and a 50 ounce Poland spring run about 50 cents difference. A gallon of water is even cheap when looking at the smaller waters. Get the biggest water you can handle and chug away. Try to get at least 100 ounces. It will clean out your kidneys and liver, flush out sodium, and make your more pliable.

5.) Put the fork down between bites.

Learn to savor the flavors of your food versus using a utensil like a shovel. Take a nice bite, then put the fork down and enjoy that bite. This will slow down how fast you eat, make you feel fuller quicker and enjoy your food more.

6.) A new 80/20 rule.

Not the mathematical phenomenon, this is mine as it relates to eating. Eat until you feel 80% full, it takes your body 20 minutes to fully register your stomach capacity. Eat until you are 80% full and wait 20 minutes, it makes a difference. (totally different 80/20 rule than you were thinking).

7.) Choose your “Cook”.

Opt for broiled, grilled, or baked over fried every time. Grilling seems especially efficient as the fat burns off, and drains into the grill.

8.) Fill up on Veggies

Get the side salad for an appetizer, with a light dressing, low cheese and forgo the bread and fried appetizers. This will start the clock on feeling full in 20 minutes and will be healthier start to prepare you stomach with fiber. Opt for “Green” sides and eat the sides before your protein. Easy on the oil and butter.

9.) Take a walk

After eating, try to get 30 minutes to an hour of walking in. Whether it be just strolling and thinking, talking, anything. Park further away, flex your abs a few times during the walk to start you stomach understanding how you want what you just ate digested. Little trick that helps alot.

10.) Cut yourself off and don’t argue with yourself.

Set a time of day in which you are going to stop eating, stop eating carbs, etc at the beginning of the day. (For me, I try to stop eating by 7, and no carbs after 6).. I don’t debate with myself at the point, I just knew that was my goal and I am sticking to it, once I start debating “Well, maybe I should…” its over, because you will come up with a reason. Set a goal and don’t question it.